Lumi Light Trial Welcome Packet 2-19

Two Week Trial Support Materials

Here are forms you will want to have if you are starting anyone on a two week trial. To earn points for the Lumi Profit Sharing Pool, you will need to have the system come from LumiCeuticals. To have your client receive the trial tutorial emails, please provide their email to Marta or Shirley and check in with your client to make sure they are receiving the emails as their system arrives. If you feel comfortable handling the consult, that is fine. Otherwise we recommend that Marta or Shirley or a Silver, Gold or Diamond Ambassador provide the consultation. We welcome your assistance in setting up that consult. Please help keep track of the trial through the trial checklist.

Lumi 2 week trial flyer Flyer to promote renting new LumiCeutical systems direct from LumiCeuticals.

Light Trial Fillable Enrollment Forms Contains the two forms you need to enroll someone in the light trial.

Light Trial Agreement needs to accompany all rentals as well.

Lumi Trial Checklist – be an active participant in your customer’s trial to insure success. Keep track through this form.

Two Week Trial Materials for the Renter